A beautiful mesa that has been nominated as a natural monument in Japan.
Its name, Yashima, originates from the shape of its flat, roof-like top (ya=roof and shima=island).



An island floating on the eastern part of the Seto Inland Sea, offering great experiences based on good food and modern art.
Its slopes are covered far and wide by the beautiful fields of Karato, featuring splendid natural views of the surrounding sea.



The gateway to Takamatsu and the prefectural capital of Kagawa Prefecture.
Its train station is located at the end of the railway line, fondly known by the public as the Sanuki Takamatsu Udon Station.



Ritsurin Garden is one of the most famous gardens in Japan, having been awarded three stars by the Michelin Travel Guide.
At this park, visitors are able to experience the full beauty of its varying landscapes, as they transition with the passing of each season.


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Takamatsu City Hotel,
Located in the Center of Kagawa

Perfect for sightseeing, shopping, live music bars, pilgrimage tours, and more.
Located 1 minute's walk away from a Family Mart, right in the center of Takamatsu and yet offering great peace and quiet.

  • Close to Convenience Stores

    Close to Convenience Stores

  • Free Bicycle Rental

    Free Bicycle Rental

  • Gourmet Maps Available

    Gourmet Maps Available

  • Luggage Storage Available

    Luggage Storage Available

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